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Best Cheap Drawing Tablet Under $100 in 2017


the best cheap drawing graphic tablet

Whether you are a hobbyist or an aspiring artist, everyone has a budget limitation. In this case, you’re looking for the best cheap drawing tablet under $100.

$100 is a great barrier to entry for digital artists. It’s because even the best graphic drawing tablets manufacturers produce some great electronics for under $100.

We have tested some of the most popular and well-known brands and models, but to help you make the decision, we’ve narrowed it down.

Yes, there are many great cheap drawing tablets under $100, and sometimes it’s important to keep in mind what that dollar figure means. It means you most likely won’t get a screen or display with it. No, you won’t find a Microsoft Surface for under $100. It also means sometimes you won’t get a huge drawing surface…

…But you will find some amazing drawing tablets with responsive feedback, enough surface area to draw comfortably on, and some awesome features to enhance your drawing experience.

wacom intuos best cheap drawing tablet under $100

Wacom Intuos Draw – The Obvious Best Cheap Drawing Tablet

Naming Wacom is a given. Wacom is known to be the leading manufacturer of drawing tablets, simply because they make some of the finest equipment for digital artists. Their products are aesthetically pleasing, well-built, and they also provide some of the best software to help you develop your artistic skills.

The Wacom Intuos Draw takes the #1 spot for the best cheap drawing tablet under $100, because it simply outclasses all other drawing tablets in this price range.

Let’s get down to all the reasons why the Wacom Intuos Draw (Art/Photo/Comic/3D) is named under our Best Cheap Drawing Tablet Under $100 list.

If you want to read the full Wacom Intuos Draw Drawing Tablet Review, it’ll have you wondering what’s holding you back.

Wacom Intuos Draw is a phenomenal drawing tablet under $100.

A clear difference between brands: Wacom Intuos Draw is the most expensive on this list – but this price tag comes with the Wacom brand. The brand-factor is real. There is a clear difference in build quality of Wacom’s drawing tablets compared to other brands.

Whether it’s software or hardware, Wacom makes drawing tablets you can rely on. It’s a simple plug-n-play device, and will work with most operating systems without any hassle.

Of course, we’re talking about the small version here. But don’t let it’s “small” drawing surface turn you away: I felt that the amount of drawing surface on the Wacom Intuos Draw was definitely enough to work with. Not to mention the feel of the drawing surface.

Wacom Intuos Draw feels like it’s the only drawing tablet you’ll ever want or need.

If you want feedback from your drawing tablet, Wacom Intuos Draw will provide exactly that. The drawing surface simulates the feeling of real paper, so you’ll feel right at home when drawing.

No, it won’t feel exactly like paper. But it cuts it pretty close – close enough for me to prefer the Intuos Draw over real paper. The feeling isn’t just about the pen gliding across the surface. It’s about how smooth it feels, and how it quickly it renders on screen.

best drawing tablet under $100

There is simply no lag with the Intuos Draw.

Speaking of performance, we can’t skip the ExpressKeys. There are four ExpressKeys that act as hotkeys on the Intuos Draw. I personally find that four is more than enough as I resort to my keyboard for pre-bound keys for specific software.

Yes, the Intuos Draw works with pretty much every software I’ve tested.

The last thing I want to talk about is the form factor. It’s small enough to be extremely portable. I can take it to work or a cafe, and it won’t take up much space. The grip on the bottom allows me to use it on pretty much any surface as I please.

Wacom Intuos Draw is possibly the best cheap drawing tablet under $100.

While it’s on the high-end of your budget, the Intuos is a versatile drawing tablet with the #1 brand in the industry behind it. It feels great and it simply works on all occasions. Wacom also helps you become a better artist! It’s downright worth every penny, and that’s why it’s listed first on our Best Cheap Drawing Tablet Under $100 list. I also consider it the best small drawing tablet on the market.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to pick up the pen and draw.

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