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Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet Review


huion new 1060 plus review

This is the Huion New 1060 Plus drawing tablet review by ReasonsToBuy.co

In my review of Huion H610 Pro, I’ve already mentioned how I consider Huion to be a good competitor to Wacom.

While Wacom’s line of products looks almost perfect, it seems that Huion puts a lot of additional thought and care into their drawing tablet, just to tip the customer’s scale in their favor.

So when I first heard about Huion New 1060 Plus drawing tablet — marvel at that name! — I already knew I’d get a nicely built tablet with some surprises up its sleeve.

If you’re only here for a quick score, then by all means: Yes, this tablet is great and you should go get it now.

Maybe it’s on sale at Amazon now?

But if you’re anything like me, just spend five minutes to see if this tablet is really worth your time.

(Spoiler alert: It certainly is.)

Table of Reasons

  1. Price
  2. Tablet
  3. Pen
  4. Features
  5. Specifications
  6. Conclusion
  7. Is it on sale?

huion new 1060 plus graphic drawing tablet product overview

Huion New 1060 Plus Price: A moderate price suited for artist on a shoestring budget.

The Huion New 1060 Plus drawing tablet has a retail price tag of $89.99.

This, in itself, is a very reasonable price. When you couple it with what’s included with the product, it feels like a steal.

The package comes with the tablet itself, a pen and a pen holder, a USB cord for the tablet plus micro USB cord for the pen, a welcome pack (driver CD), a screen protection pad, a transparent tracing pad, and an anti-fouling artist glove.

(Whew, that’s a big list!)

Basically, it’s more than everything you need to get started with digital painting. You’d think that all the bonus accessories would spike the price higher, but that’s not the case.

The Huion New 1060 Plus is as low-budget as you can get, considering all its features.

Speaking of features, let’s dive right in.

huion new 1060 plus graphic drawing tablet included products

Huion New 1060 Plus  Drawing Tablet: Large active area and high-quality build + additional accessories.

Huion New 1060 Plus comes with a nice active area of 10.0 x 6.5 inches. Though it’s not as large as it could have been, it is more than enough space for you to draw comfortably.

The casing and the non-active surface of the tablet are made out of textured plastic. The surface is textured as well and, similar to Wacom Intuos Pro, has a paper feeling to it.

The textured surface does wear down the pen’s nib faster, but it’s still superior to standard slippery surfaces. Plus, nowadays, tablet manufacturers always include at least 4-5 spare nibs, so you don’t have to worry about the wear-down factor.

No tablet nowadays is complete without function buttons. Huion New 1060 Plus comes with 12 physical keys (so-called Express Keys) and 16 function keys, which are activated via stylus.

By now, I understand that this is Huion’s “thing” — to build in as many Express Keys and function keys as possible. They’re not just blindly copying Wacom’s philosophy, and I think it’s great.

When you fully customize all the keys, that’s 28 shortcuts at your fingertips.

If you’re a newbie, I doubt you will be using even half of those shortcuts, but you will probably use the added functionality as your skills develop.

Express keys are responsive and quiet. They’re lined up neatly on the side of the tablet, in two columns — with six keys per column.

huion new 1060 plus graphic drawing tablet express keys overview

This layout looks basic enough and works as intended.

For left-handed use, you need to turn the tablet upside down, so that the hotkeys are on the right-hand side.

This means that you have to reorder Express Keys, too. But unless you intend to flip the tablet’s orientation on a regular basis, it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

Just do this once, and you’re good to go.

There is the lack of a touch ring, that allows you to zoom in and out. If you’re used to Wacom’s products, you will need some time readjusting to Huion New 1060 Plus.

It’s not a deal breaker in any way, but the tablet could really benefit from adding a touch ring. Instead, you have to use a combination of mouse + keyboard to zoom properly.

However, there’s also one thing that Huion does and which Wacom doesn’t.

Huion New 1060 Plus comes with a special cover pad that you put on your tablet. This cover protects the active area against scratches, which helps to maintain the aesthetic look of your tablet.

It also has a micro-USB port rather than the outdated mini-USB port.

Overall, Huion New 1060 Plus earns its name. It’s not a marketing gimmick, they’ve really improved upon Huion 1060 Plus, and definitely up from Huion H610 Pro.

huion new 1060 plus overview pen

Huion New 1060 Plus Pen: A battery-powered pen with a good grip and 2048 levels of pressure.

The Huion New 1060 Plus’ pen uses the UC-Logic digitizer technology, which means it drains the internal battery. You can recharge the battery by plugging your pen to your computer via a USB cable.

The official press releases boast at least three months of continuous use before recharge is needed. I’ve used the pen for two months daily now, and I haven’t had to charge yet. So it’s definitely not just sales-talk.

I’m not very keen on styluses that use batteries, but using a charging cable is another story entirely.

It’s easy to connect your pen to a USB port. In fact, you can just leave it charging when you’re not using it.

That’s how I do it, anyway.

huion new 1060 plus graphic drawing tablet pen accessories

Overall, I enjoy how the pen feels in my hand. It’s made out of plastic with a non-glossy finish, but it’s lightweight and has a good grip to it.

The pen has two programmable buttons; their default functions are left click and eraser. Since Huion New 1060 Plus pen doesn’t have an eraser tip, you can activate the latter button and then use the pen as an eraser.

(The lack of eraser tips never bothered me in modern digital pens, but it’s still nice that they thought of this simple workaround.)

In short, I found these buttons to be standard but very responsive.

They’re good for some frequently used shortcuts — for most of my digital pens, I use one button as a CTRL+Z (undo) alternative.

The Huion New 1060 Plus pen has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. 2048 is extremely good, especially for this price.

You can also tell that pen technology Huion uses is solid, since the tablet can detect the pen even if you’re not touching the surface.

There are some flaws, though. The main one is that there’s no tilt sensitivity.

If you’re a beginner, it’s definitely not a deal breaker. It only matters much if you are specifically looking for tilt recognition in your tablets.

Huion New 1060 Plus also comes packaged with a pen holder, if you don’t feel like leaving your pen on a table.

huion new 1060 plus overview pen removal tool

The pen holder gets the work done. It includes 4 replaceable nibs and a nib remover. I’ve yet to replace a single nib, so you won’t need to purchase additional nibs anytime soon.

If I had to nitpick, this pen holder stores the pen horizontally instead of vertically, which takes up more space.

I’m not sure why tablet manufacturers keep doing it. If they’re afraid that vertical storing damages the tip of the pen, they can put some soft material inside the pen holder.

But as I said, the pen holder serves its function well — everything else is beside the point.

If you’re not a pen holder fan, you can use a special sleeve (loop holder) for storing your pen.

Unlike Wacom’s loop holders, Huion’s sleeve is less tight, so I’m not afraid of damaging the stylus when putting it inside the loop.

Lastly, Huion New 1060 Plus pen comes with a special cap for further nib protection. I ended up not using it at all, but I still commend them for this addition.

(Be warned, though: you can’t put this cap on the opposite tip of your pen like you would with a regular pen — so make sure you don’t lose the cap.)

Huion New 1060 Plus Features: Standard capabilities with some interesting accessories for art hobbyists.

You don’t need to do much, other than install the driver, to make Huion New 1060 Plus start working. At most, you have to set the configs to your liking. It comes with an updated firmware,
so it’s up-to-date on the software side as well.

Most features on any graphics drawing tablets are gimmicky, and will most likely not help enough to be decision makers or deal breakers. With that said…

…It’s important to know that the tablet works equally well on Windows and Mac. I was completely satisfied with Huion’s performance and didn’t encounter any critical issues.

Huion’s main weakness has always been its settings situation. There’s simply not enough of useful options, especially after coming from Wacom line of tablets.

Huion New 1060 Plus is a step in the right direction, though it’s still missing a few options. I’d prefer more screen settings, like display toggle for when you’re using multiple monitors.

Huion New 1060 Plus has no wireless capability either, and I’d like to see it in the future. I think wired is still the way to go (faster response, less laggy performance), but there are situations when it’s simply not ideal.

huion new 1060 plus graphic drawing tablet sd card

One surprising thing about Huion New 1060 Plus is that it comes with a 8GB microSD card. I was honestly taken aback by how obvious this bonus should’ve been.

MicroSD comes in extremely handy when you want to store your paintings on your tablet, so that you could continue an unfinished piece on other devices at a later time.

More tablet manufacturers should include little bonuses like Huion.

Huion New 1060 Plus also comes with an anti-fouling artist glove — in real-life painting, they’re used to reduce smudging.

Professional digital artists, though, use these gloves to eliminate additional sources of friction when their hand comes in contact with the tablet’s surface. This also removes the risk of palm rejection.

Lastly, there’s an issue of your hand leaving stain marks from grease or sweat. And even though drawing tablets do not usually break down because of that, the maintenance aspect should never be ignored.

I’m not personally keen on using artist gloves, but it doesn’t mean that graphic tablet manufacturers should stop include them with their products.

If nothing else, you can use these gloves when making traditional paintings — working with oil, paint, graphite, etc.

It is a really nice addition, which shows that Huion put serious thought into their products.

Huion New 1060 Plus Specifications

Here are the official specifications for Huion New 1060 Plus, directly from Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology Co., Ltd.:

  • Type: Pressure-sensitive
  • Size: 360 x 240 mm (14.2 x 9.4 in)
  • Active area: 254 x 165 mm (10.0 x 6.5 in)
  • Connection: USB
  • Express keys: Yes, 12 express keys + 16 function keys
  • Multi-Touch: No
  • Wireless: No
  • Pressure levels: 2048
  • Resolution: 5080 lpi
  • Reading speed (pen): 233 rps
  • System requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X10.8.0 or later

TL;DR – Huion New 1060 Plus is the new tablet by Huion, which raises the bar for all drawing tablets under $100.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune buying an optimal drawing tablet, you should definitely take a look at Huion New 1060 Plus. It offers a range of features that is similar to Intuos Pro, only at a fraction of its price.

But even if its competitive price aspect isn’t as important to you, Huion New 1060 Plus boasts enough advantages for you to consider the purchase.

Though Huion New 1060 Plus is not without its flaws, I’ve yet to see anything that would seriously turn me off about this tablet.

Its performance is comparable to Wacom Intuos Pro, and even though it’s not the first tablet I’d recommend to professionals…

…Beginners and amateurs should seriously consider buying Huion New 1060 Plus graphics drawing tablet.

Beyond art students, I’d also recommend Huion to painting and photo editing hobbyists. Again, it’s not a professional rig, but made it so good in my eyes is how easy it is to pick it up and start working.

If you feel like your drawing tablet collection could use some fresh blood, Huion New 1060 Plus is the way to go.

huion new 1060 plus graphic drawing tablet product overview

So, let’s sum up what makes this tablet so great:

  1. Competitive price. Even when you ignore all the features, capabilities and accessories of Huion New 1060 Plus, you’re still looking at a very low-price drawing tablet.
  2. Stable performance. No hiccups detected, and the tablet’s response time is very good. Huion New 1060 Plus also works equally well on both Windows and Mac.
  3. Solid build. Huion New 1060 Plus offers sturdy, if basic, casing. The tablet feels good in your hand, and you don’t need to worry about breaking it when you carry it around.
  4. A great number of accessories. From a tracing pad and an anti-scratch cover to an artist glove and a microSD card — Huion New 1060 Plus has got you covered. The tablet offers some interesting accessories that I hope will become the industry standard.

The last reason to buy Huion New 1060 Plus…

Check the price at Amazon!